Our process & FAQ

It's really easy to celebrate kids art and create beautiful ways to restore it. 

We take your artwork, photos and designs and print it digitally direct to a range of high quality products.


5 easy steps to create your very own customised homewares or clothing

    1. Select or create the artwork (s) with your child
    2. Select the product (s), quantity, size colour etc
    3. Upload your artwork file 
    4. Optional ADD copy instructions or basic editing requirements for example add date and name bottom right corner.  All artwork will be cropped to size.
    5. Add to cart, add delivery address & make payment

If you have something in mind and want to bring it to life but aren't sure where to start, send me an email- charlieandrosiehomewares@gmail.com

I also provide one on one design consultations to bring your vision to reality. I will provide you with unlimited edits of your idea until you are happy with the final product.



Design tips

We work best with the following files. 

  • 300dpi is the optimal size/ quality. Less can still look amazing, but the outcomes are largely determined by the quality of the original image supplied.
  • jpg or tiff files
  • Both scanning artwork or digital photograph work (if taking a photo place artwork onto a dark background, ie dark floorboards or wall, this helps with the quality of the final image).
  • Lots of scanners give you the option to scan at 75dpi, 150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi or higher. This means you can scan a fairly small picture at 300+ (maybe a napkin doodle) and enlarge it, without the resolution going below 150dpi. 


Check out our store to see pricing for our range of products.



How long will it take?

All Charlie and Rosie products are hand made in Perth therefore your items will be ready to post within 2 weeks. Please note that orders are not started until payment has been received and you have confirmed you are happy with your artwork. 

During peak periods this can sometimes be up to 3 weeks ( I can only sew so fast!!)

Art clocks are a little more complex and can take up to 5 weeks.  Please allow for up to a week for post within Australia.

If you require your design by a specific date, please let me know via email and I will ensure its ready for you. 

Inspiration and ideas

Sometimes its hard to choose which artwork will work best on different products. Here are some examples to help inspire you.  

Image Quality

The quality (or ‘resolution’) of the pictures or files you supply is important – if it is too low your pictures may look blurry or pixellated in print. For the best results we recommend that images are a minimum of 150dpi but 300 will always give a slightly better result.

What is Image Resolution?

The number of pixels per inch in a picture, is known as its resolution (or ‘res’ for short). If you zoom into any picture on your computer screen, you can see that it’s made up of pixels (small squares). The higher the number of pixels, the higher the dots-per-inch (aka dpi or resolution) and the more detailed and higher quality the picture.

Enlarging Images

Whenever you make a picture bigger, you reduce the resolution. The pixels in the picture have to be stretched over a larger area, so if you start off with a picture at 150dpi and you make the picture twice as big, it will end up as 75dpi (half the resolution).

If you want to have a large picture on your garment, you need to start off with a higher resolution image. For example, if you start off with a 300dpi image, and enlarge it to twice its size, the resolution will be halved to 150dpi – which is fine for direct-to-garment printing.

When you email us designs you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You hold commercial rights to reproduce the design.
  • You understand illegal use of content is a serious offence and leads to penalties.